• Wasco Capturing A Killer Whale

  • Marsh Wren

    Marsh Wren, male

  • Afternoon sunshine and the cross on the wall of a small side chapel.

  • A Blue Angel Pilot makes a low high speed pass over spectators at Lake Washington

  • The main structure of a barn in the Palouse seems strong , but time and weather have stripped it of its roof allowing the bright sunlight to make dizzying patterns.

  • Classic Mayan archways over the building entrance.

  • Dancing Fountains- BUC-098-512

  • Parksville Beach

    Early morning walkers on Parksville beach

  • View of Seattle

    Looking west from City Hall, past Bellevue and across lakes Sammamish and Washington, the Seattle skyline rises above the trees.

  • Tiki Torch

  • Approach to Kona Village at night.

  • Sunrise reflections

  • Part of Raymond Burr's Orchid collection

  • Humbolt Penguin

  • The Blue Angels make a final pass over Lake Washington.

  • South side of the Temple of Kukulcan

  • Great Egret

    Great Egret

  • Reverend John Richardson, 1860

    Painting displayed at Appleby Grammar School , Cumbria, UK, of a painted portrait of Rev John Richardson, Head Master of Appleby Grammar School from 1838 to 1868 (year of his death). Date of portrait if taken from life, would be in 1860s. Father of Alfred William Richardson.

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