• Wasco Capturing A Killer Whale

  • Marsh Wren

    Marsh Wren, male

  • Afternoon sunshine and the cross on the wall of a small side chapel.

  • A Blue Angel Pilot makes a low high speed pass over spectators at Lake Washington

  • The main structure of a barn in the Palouse seems strong , but time and weather have stripped it of its roof allowing the bright sunlight to make dizzying patterns.

  • Classic Mayan archways over the building entrance.

  • Dancing Fountains- BUC-098-512

  • Parksville Beach

    Early morning walkers on Parksville beach

  • View of Seattle

    Looking west from City Hall, past Bellevue and across lakes Sammamish and Washington, the Seattle skyline rises above the trees.

  • Tiki Torch

  • Approach to Kona Village at night.

  • Sunrise reflections

  • Part of Raymond Burr's Orchid collection

  • Humbolt Penguin

  • The Blue Angels make a final pass over Lake Washington.

  • South side of the Temple of Kukulcan

  • Great Egret

    Great Egret

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